Beyond the Portrait

Composite Images & Other Artwork

A digital photo artist or designer combines two or more images, usually in Photoshop, to say something about the subject. Sometimes the other images include a locale — a room, a building, a field, or a landscape. They might be something he or she uses in work, school, a sport, or a hobby. They may be people that matter in his or her life — family, friends, or colleagues.

The blending and selective masking of entire layers for some artistic work is relatively straightforward, though demanding of imagination. The treatment, scaling, placement, and blending of the elements of a montage, or composite, on the other hand, can be quite complex. See the samples below. Click on the link below to learn how to proceed.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Examples of Composite Images & Other Artwork

Your Needs, and

What I Offer

Portrait Photography

If you need a quick portrait, in the studio or at another location, I can do that for you. I have found, however, that when the subject has enough time for a longer shoot, the result can be even better than expected, as a rapport develops in the session. Let me know what you need.

Commissioned Photographic Art

I can create digital art, like the pieces above, that incorporate images I take, or photos you have taken. These composite images will be unique to you or to someone you care for, and reflect their interests and accomplishments.

Fine Art Prints

We are awash in images today, and it’s hard to know what “fine art” photography is, exactly. When we see some images, however, we know that they stand out. They are worth seeing at length, looking at repeatedly, and belong on a wall. Check out the small (but growing) sample of prints I can provide you with.

Capture Beauty or Character, Mark a Milestone, Honor Someone Worthy . . .

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