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Why a Composite or Artistic Image?

Why do we often wait till there’s a funeral to honor those we care for, by displaying images of him or her? Why not do it now, while he or she can tell how much we care?

A unique photo composite or montage of an individual (or couple), incorporating a portrait and imagery that speaks of his or her life, can be a valuable commemoration, a keepsake, that he or she will treasure now and for years to come.

Photo montage showing the possibilities for combining meaningful imagery from someone's life.
This montage incorporates a portrait of the subject, my wife Edith, as well as images of her taken at a commencement ceremony of the institution where she taught New Testament, and of her teaching her grandchildren, with an image of our church, on which is superimposed the first chapter of the Gospel of John in Greek.

Perhaps you would like to have a memento of a milestone in your child’s life – graduation from high school or college, starting a first job, or getting a promotion at work – that will warm your heart every day as you enter a room.

Digital images are great for some things, but a print has an ongoing impact on the viewer’s mind and heart.

You may have a leader in your institution – say, a small business, a hospital, or a residence – and as staff or employees you want to say how much you valued his or her leadership. Here’s a great opportunity to honor him or her. Hanging somewhere prominent, it will tell visitors and new staff members about the impact he or she had on you, and on your organization.

The Process

If you have a good quality portrait photo of the person, plus other images that indicate something of his or her life’s work or accomplishment, or a milestone in a career, and/or his or her chief interests, I can put these together in an artistic way, and produce a print that can grace a home, or perhaps an institution.

You would send these to me by e-mail, and I would present to you two possible “proofs of concept.” These would not be the final piece, but they would give you a good idea of what it would look like. You would choose the one you liked best, and I would go to work on polishing and synthesizing the images more fully. I would send you a large-scale image of the final product (viewable on a desktop or laptop). With final approval I would print the image and have it delivered to you. (Matting and framing would also be possible, in consultation with you.)

If you don’t have a good portrait photo of the person or couple, I would be happy to photograph him, her, or them in my home studio. Alternatively, I could come and shoot him or her at a location of his or her choice.

If you don’t have photos that provide a life context (such as the basketball court in the senior photo montage of the young man) I could provide them.

Call today (412-418-6349), and we can discuss what you have in mind. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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