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About Me

I have over 35 years of experience in photography, and still delight to pick up a camera. I have shot many weddings, bridal and wedding portraits, family portraits, special events and performances, model portfolios, landscapes, and some commercial work (including pipe-laying in West Virginia from a helicopter). I enjoy people, and I put them at ease in front of the camera – and the results show! I have a strong artistic streak and a creative imagination, often coming up, on the fly, with ideas that work. With good images, I enjoy creating unique digital art that showcases the person and his or her accomplishments and interests. My chief desire is to have you happy with the results. Call me today, and we can discuss what you have in mind: 412-418-6349.

Cassandra in Motion
Guarding the Stadium Lot

Artist’s Statement

At the risk of sounding pretentious, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I think of art, and photographic and graphic art. What I say may resonate with your thinking.

For me, the best visual art is what moves you, but you can’t explain exactly why.

As you can see from my sample “fine art” images, I do not have just one “style.” There’s a reason for that. Michelangelo observed that “every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Every scene or subject calls for a particular treatment.

One could say similarly about photography, that every scene or subject calls for a particular treatment. Sometimes the client knows exactly what he or she wants, and the task is straightforward. Sometimes, if the client is willing, it can be the task of the photographer or graphic artist to show the possibilities of an imaginative treatment, something that works, perhaps surprisingly.

Beyond the framing and composition of the shot, the choice of lens, and of camera settings – do I want that nice bokeh (blurring) in the background? – there is the post-processing of the image, with its many possibilities. Does the image work really well in a warm black & white? Toned? With a particular digital filter? Does this lens, with its high-key diffusion, make the elements in the image sing? What about long exposures, with subject movement out of the frame? Or In-Camera Movement (ICM)? With composite works (those with more than one image), how well do the images fit together? Do they tell a story? Will this treatment fit with the intended location for the print?

Many of these things are matters of taste and practicality. If you like anything in what you see, it is quite likely that I can create something similar, but unique, for you. My goal is to provide you with something that continues to please you every time you see it.

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Your Needs, and

What I Offer

Commissioned Photographic Art

I can create unique digital art, like the pieces on the first page, that incorporate images I take, or photos you have taken. These composite images will be unique to you or to someone you care for, and reflect their interests and accomplishments.

Portrait Photography

If you need a quick portrait, in the studio or at another location, I can do that for you. I have found, however, that when the subject has enough time for a longer shoot, the result can be even better than expected, as a rapport develops in the session. Let me know what you need.

Fine Art Prints

We are awash in images today, and it’s hard to know what “fine art” photography is, exactly. When we see some images, however, we know that they stand out. They are worth seeing at length, looking at repeatedly, and belong on a wall. Check out the small (but growing) sample of prints I can provide you with.