The Fight: The Morning After

Some years ago I created a series of images of a young woman who has been, and will be again that morning, in a fight with her boyfriend/husband. The series involved some partial nudity (for artistic effect: the viewer is seeing her as she is, not as she would present herself to the world), so I was a little anxious about scandalizing friends and family. (I know: artists would roll their eyes at my timidity, but I have no desire to offend people I care about.) However, I now think that the series of images is worth sharing with an adult audience.

I have done two-minute videos to promote pro-life pregnancy medical centers, usually centered on two young women — and I loved it! This series of images is in that vein, except that I asked my actress, Annie Lieber, to give me everything she had, especially when she’s railing at the largely unseen spouse. She did a great job. I hope you like the series.