Shooting Em

In August 2023 I had the opportunity to shoot Emily Bonessi, a friend and model for years now, after she had lost some weight. (She was never overweight.) Her “look” can be very classy, in my opinion, and it was a delight to capture her beauty. There are range of images here, as she wants potential clients to see the range she is capable of. You can see my favorites here.

It is hard sometimes to decide on the best image in a series, which is why “curating” is in demand. We are awash in images, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. The favorites in this gallery are mostly the ones I like the most, with some that she liked as well. I have not narrowed the number of favorites down to the minimum, but those would be among these. Most of these images have not been “polished” in Lightroom, Photoshop, or the Nik Collection, though some have. She wants to put together a portfolio, and those images will be polished.

If you’re an aspiring model and would like to have some images to show yourself in the best light, give me a call (412-418-6349). My rates are very reasonable, I enjoy shooting, and you’ll enjoy it as well. And I can give you advice about which images are the best. I can polish the images so that the minor problems are fixed (your skin looks great, the color is right, etc.).