Finally getting this website up and running

I have been working on this site for about three weeks, learning WordPress and the “Gutenify” theme within WordPress. I imagine that, once it’s up, I’ll be checking every link to make sure that it works. I’ll also start putting up images on my Facebook photography page, as well as Instagram, and on Twitter, which I haven’t used much in the past.

I’ll be adding more photos to the Fine Art Print collection, so customers will have a wider choice of images. I have a ton to sort through; fortunately I have used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to grade them. Very few images get 4 stars, and even fewer get 5 stars, so the process should be easier by filtering by my ratings.

I’m a compulsive shooter. I can’t go for any length of time without getting the camera out and firing away. My Canon R camera and my Canon RF 24-70mm lens are a wonderful combination, and I can’t believe the sharpness of the images, and the color.

I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and the clients were really pleased with the images. “OMG…they’re beautiful! Thank you so much!  I can’t wait to see the rest.” Then, when the images went up online: “Oh my goodness!!! These are fantastic! Everyone loves them!  It’s going to take me days to figure out my favorites.  Thank you so much for shooting their ceremony at such a short notice.  I truly appreciate it.  I will be getting back to you soon. TY!”

I get a great deal of satisfaction when people are bowled over by my work.